All relationships starts with yourself!

Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D. CPCC.

All relationships starts with yourself. 

Maria is a Professional Coach, Published Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur. She help couragous, conscious women entrepreneurs to break-through their inocme plateau by showing them how to become aware of their orgasmic feminine power. Maria lives in Sweden and represents the leading edge of personal transformation. She brought professional coaching to Sweden as one of the founders of the national chapter of International Coach Federation. She was a pioneer in Europe as the first Certified Slow Sex Coach and Advanced Orgasmic Meditation Trainer, educated by OneTaste - a global movement spreading the art and practice of feamel orgasm. She is educating how yoru relationship to yourself and your sexuality is impacting your ability to make and create MORE in life, irrespective if it's happiness or money. During the past ten years, she has worked with thousands of coaching clients, helping them to achieve success in business and life. 

There is an inner power that is uniquely you. There have been moments when you've felt the spark, stepping into the power of who you are and what you represent in this world. But you can't always access it. You haven't fully stepped into this power yet... and you know it!

And I know this is the reason you feel that life is a constant struggle:
# Struggle with your sales.
# Struggle with relationships.
# Struggle with connection.
# Struggle with speaking out. 
# Struggle with being bold about who you are and what you represent in this world... And as a result...
you struggle with money.

But when you embrace your feminine power, suddenly your struggles with love, leadership and finances disappear and the things you want flow with ease. 

(Is that an "aha!" moment, or what??)

Ok, take a deep breath and acknowledge all this. And recognize that there is a reason why you are HERE...

Everything happens for a reason, and you know it. 
Let me show you what's possible when you embrace your feminine power. 

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When Working With Me, You Will Achieve...

Feminine Essence & Power

It's time for a new paradigm. A paradigm guided by the Divine Feminine. It's already in you. Let us bring this intuitive knowledge out through healing the subconscious wounds from the past, shame and guilt. Become amazed how healing the feminine will impact your business and personal life. 

Money Breakthrough

The next growth happens in relationships. And you need to create a healthy relationship to money. The assesspoint for this knowledge comes from learning about your unique Divine Money Archetype. You have a sacred relationship to money. Let's bring it out as guidance in your life and business. 

Conscious Leadership

Knowing who you are from the inside out creates a consciousness. From now on there is no way back. You just have to move forward following your heart in the change you want to see in the world.
I'm here to support you. 

Easy Peasy Programs...

30 Days of Flirting

My signature program for women who wants to embrace their feminine essence and power. Learn more.

Conscious Love Tribe

What does it take to be conscious in love? This membership program takes you to the next level in relationships.  Learn more. 

30 Days of Sexual Energy

Online program for men who wants to create a more fulfilling sexual energetic life. Learn more.


"After working with Maria, my husband and I took our sex life to a whole new level... and we have been together for almost 30 years. I'm so happy to have relased the shame and fear I had around my sexuality."


"Working with Maria has made me open up for love again. Maria has a brilliant gift to see through my bullshit and really sees me. She is fearless and that rubs off on me so I easaly let go of fears and can create a more fulfilled life."

Anna Åberg,

"Maria Appelqvist is an explorer. She literally travels to the edges of humanity and brings back new information and expansion for her community. I loved watching her did that with life coaching and now with sexuality and success.
Maria is wise beyond her time. Her courage to lead and be the front person to invite her community to follow and expand is admirable and inspiring. She is also an excellent loving coach. Who can break into the deep spiritual well being of her clients and help them bring forth their truth and wisdom.
I am a life long fan."

Mai Vu,

Create An Orgasmic Life With My D.E.S.I.R.E. Method

Human growth and personal development is about creating a life based on your desires. The problem is - most people are disconnected from their desires. This is in particular true to women that take a pride of their own independence and have closed the door to intimate relationships.  

While it can be difficult and hard to articulate what you want, it might be easier to think in terms - what is it you don't want? What do you want less of or not at all in your business and life?

With the help of my  D.E.S.I.R.E. Method, you find a way to get you ignited from the inside out, in the connection to yourself also as an orgasmic being.

The D.E.S.I.R.E. Method creates the foundation for our coaching and interactions:

D - Divinity - Acknowledging that you and the Divine are expression of the same energy is the base for creating magic in your life. 

E - Emotions - To be able to feel and speak about your emotions is the foundation for a intimate happy life where you build your capacity as a skillful communicator.

S - Sensuality - The ability to be present with your senses and to cultivate sensuality and sensualism in your life and relationship based on your desires.

I - Ignite - Get connected to your passion, your fire, your desire and bring happiness to your life. 

R - Rebellious - Develop the courage it takes in order to take bold actions and live your reality in alignment with your D.E.S.I.R.E.

E - Embrace - When you are aligned with the totality of your D.E.S.I.R.E. , it's easy to find the next steps of your creative expression. 

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