Are you a man who knows he has more to bring to relationships yet, you haven’t found the way to create the sexlife and how to have the energy that you desire?

Join me in this first step on your way to create Conscious Love. It all starts with YOU exploring YOUR sexual energy.

Learn how to:

– understand the different elements of sex

– bring attention to yourself and others

– build your muscle of communication, even when it feels difficult

– be able to feel more, and how to be present with your sensations

– cultivate your sexual energy

– play and explore flirtatious energy

We meet for 5 Sundays at 6:30PM Swedish time 9:30AM Pacific on an international phone line. The weekly calls are facilitated by sexual energy expert, Maria, and include a small group of men who want to explore the different elements of sex and find the doorway to claiming their sexual energy and bring it out in their life. Additionally, you will work one-on-one with Maria via a journaling process to dive deeply into creating your Conscious Love.

YES, I’m signing up for 30 Days of Sexual Energy = total $197

Starting dates

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