Welcome to my website. I’m honoured to have you here and humbled by the fact that you have an interest in learning more about me.

imageLet me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m a professionally trained coach, with years of education within the area of personal development and growth. As a coach, my job is to call individuals forth into the power of who they are, have them think bigger about themselves and their power of what they can represent in the world. Of course most people come to a coach because they want some kind of change, they have some kind of problems to be solved, they have a relationship they want to improve, or a business that yearns for flourish. I believe that when you coach people into who they are, they are going to change their way of being and as a result they are going to produce different results in their life.

I have discovered that we easily can withdraw old patterns of negative belief system with the usage of Theta Healing. This is a powerful tool of energy work that changed my own life, and I know that in the same way it can create change even for you. My specialty is to help you find how your subconscious mind is creating blocks that prevent you from progressing or making the change you want to see happen in your business and life. My mission is to bring out the leader in you. The leader of who you are in your full potential. You can now schedule your complimentary Leadership Breakthrough session.