It’s time for development of the Conscious Leader. With conscious leadership I see that you have a specific skill set in terms of how you relate and communicate with other people. It’s not skills about what you are doing, it’s skills about how you are being and how you show up in this world. When you do, the rest is going to follow in the most natural way and you will know what you need next in order to take all your inner capacities and skills out for the impact your are suppose to bring to this world.

Conscious Leadership is based on what I call Conscious Mastery and it contains the following principles:

1) Know who you are and your mission. Trust that you can be in alignment with your souls purpose. If you don’t know this, it’s time to start cultivate yourself as an orgasmic being. Yes, I said orgasm since that is the deepest desire we have as human beings. Your orgasm is the connection to the joy, pleasure and  fun you want to see in your life. 

2) Think and act outside the box. When you follow this principle you take the next courageous steps that are necessary.

3) Be detached to what you truly want so you can create abundance. Know that what you create outside yourself, is a reflection of your inner game. Your inner game contains how you are being in relationship with everything in your life, even with money. 

4) Cultivate your spirit. Learn what it means to be in flow with life itself. Life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Your ability as a leader is how you get yourself out of yourself and back on track again so you can progress to the next level.

5) Open your heart and love unconditionally. People have so much hang ups around those who are different; think or look different; act or behave different. In fact there is no difference. If you have a trigger point seeing that the problem is on ‘them’, this is just an indication that it’s something inside yourself that you don’t want to look at. True diversity or equality is not about tolerance. True diversity is acceptance and appreciation of “the other”. There is no separation – we are all one!

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