I am often curious to discover what inspired those around me on their journey.  My life is full of people that are pursuing passions and dreams that amaze me.  And each person is inspired to do this by different things.  This got me thinking…

What is it that inspires and drives people to greatness?

Some are inspired by family.  This can be a family member that came before them like a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. These are people that we look up to as children and may model our lives after as we grow and develop.  Or, we may even be inspired by our children.  These tiny humans that are entrusted to us can be the very thing that drives us to do better and be better.

People like Martin Luther King, Jr or Helen Keller are inspirations to other people.  These inspirational figures are always people that have lived their life in a bold way.  They did something to cause an impact on our society and ultimately on us as individuals.

And, there are those who find inspiration in things.  It may be nature that calls to them and moves them toward greatness.  Whether it be grand things like magnificent mountain ranges and sprawling oceans, or a single leaf or rock with an interesting pattern, nature holds limitless possibilities of inspiration.

Music is also something that reaches the core and inspires many.  And each person may find inspiration in different styles and types of music.  Some may be moved by a beautiful melody while others may relate to lyrics that challenge them.

The list could really go on and on… architecture, art, technology, human beauty, the spoken word, the written word.  But the common thread between all things that inspire us as human beings is that they are each something that appeals to one of our senses.  They are something we see, hear, or feel on a deeper level.

What inspires me is people; those who strive to grow and develop on a personal level.  I love watching people discover their deepest longings and desires.  And I love watching them fulfill those longings and desires.

I am curious to know what inspires you.  Please share so that I can be inspired by you!

Photo: courtesy of Crestock.com

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