How do you deal with stress? What is your stress level? Have you ever thought of what it means to be totally mindful?

Stress might be one of the most important reasons behind why many people start work with a coach. More or less as human beings we experience stress. The reason for that is that our mind wants more than our bodies can handle. So, we get stressed and, in the worst case, burned out.

This happens a lot in Sweden and might be one of the major reasons people take sick leave from their job. Many individuals do know that they spend time on the wrong things, tasks and assignments that does not serve them well, instead of following their inner longings, dreams, and desires.

You know sometimes people can feel such unconscious stress that they just feel that they are stuck. They have no idea where they want to go or where they want to be, they just know that what they have is not what they want.  Yet, they have no idea of how to get to the new perspective.

This is what I teach in my different programs – how you can change perspectives, how you can change belief systems. Of course, you can only do this if you want to. In fact most people do not want to. They prefer to stay within comfort instead of couragously taking steps beyond. This is what you need in order to progress, and move on from your stress. Your stress level has probably become your comfort zone. Even though you don’t like it, it is what you recognize and it is how you think life normally should be.

So the question is how would your life be without stress? Peaceful, mindful, rested, or relaxed?

Imagine a state where your inner voices have become silent. In what situations does this happen? In what situations are you not led by you inner voices? What are you doing in these situations? What are the characteristics? How can you create more of that energy in your life?

When you are in that present stage you are in your inner being and really present to the here and now. You are immersed in the experience of what you are doing regardless of whether you are eating, doing yoga, exercising, writing or having sex. When you expand that stage into all areas of your life, you create more flow in your life. When you are in flow you have moved beyond your level of stress. You just are and are experiencing who you are becoming.

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