How would it be if you could handle money from the idea that its a fun relationship that gives you satisfaction and pleasure? Have you ever explored your relationship with money?

This program is for you who are ready to create a new relationship with your money, learning from the secrets of understanding your Sacred Money Archetype. This is a unique way to learn more how your specific beliefs, understanding and patterns of behavior in relationship to money is not just an indication about your relationship to money. How you relate to money is how you relate to everything in your life!

When you start learning from your Sacred Money Archetype, your whole life is going to start change as a result of it.

Let’s speak frankly. We have so much attitudes around money that we have no idea how they are inhibiting us in the success we in fact could generate in our lives. What is holding you back is your fear of being truly successful. All successful people have done their money sh#t. Let’s just face it once and for all. It’s time to get rid of those patterns of beliefs that comes from your social upbringing, family and friends. They don’t serve you any longer. It’s time to create something from a new platform.

This is why I’m so passionate that you learn about YOUR  financial life purpose.

sma-logo-certcoach-webresDid you know that you have a financial life purpose?

How would it change your life if you knew what’s available to you from your inner DNA system? This is like understanding the soul of your essence. Knowing your financial life purpose is like understanding the core concept of who you are and what you represent in relationship to money.

It’s time to redefine what money means to us. It’s time to learn YOUR specific relationship to money.

In this unique Group Coaching Program, you are going to discover the unique YOU and create a new relationship with money.

In this program you will strengthen:

  • Your Boundaries – the more you learn about your Sacred Financial Archetype, the more you boost your self esteem where you act from the safety and trust that comes from your inner power.
  • Your Actions – the more you learn about your own unique action steps, the more inspired actions you will create. Learn how to define your own unique money contract, while you clean your past and become aware of patterns of behaviour that have been damaging to your financial situation.
  • Your Voice – once and for all, just know it can be difficult to speak about money in different situations. For instance, when you speak about money with your spouse, your family, your clients, or customers. When you learn about your unique money contract, you will find the voice based on your inner knowing. A voice of your own value and self confidence.
  • Your Integrity – by learning some basic and powerful strategies, you will find your inner conflict vanishing. We will heal emotional blocks like shame, guilt, and excuses. That is the way to live. Where every action you take is in alignment with your life and activity.

This is a 3 month group coaching program and takes place via an international bridge line where you call your local country number. Each call is recorded – so no need to worry if, for some reason, you can’t be there with us every time.

The start up is a 3 hour intensive, where we set the design for this program and what you want to have out of it, followed by 6 calls with me in group, where I give you homework in between. You will also do homework with a buddy partner. The calls will be interactive, where I guide you through the material that will change your spiritual and financial awareness. You will create new patterns of behaviour and concrete actions. Oh, and of course since we like to do this fun and sexy, there will be special energy downloads that will superboost your process of transformation.

There will be options for super-charged coaching with me. And a whole bunch of energy downloads to release energy and blocks that prevents you from progressing… and a design in the field of Matrix.

You will feel revealed and confident that you are, from now on, in alignment with your financial truth. You will have inner strength, knowing the steps that are going to take you where you want to be in your financial future.

Now you might want to ask, what is the flirty aspect of this program?

triangle_circleYou will learn how sex, money and relationships is all connected and that it’s possible to play a whole new financial game. A game that starts with you being you, fully authentic in your thriving life force essence. That’s the reason why I’m throwing in the 30 Days Program of Flirting to you (if you are a woman) or 30 Days of Sexual Energy (if you are a man). Here you will learn what it means to thrive from the inner core of yourself.

Don’t hesitate. Get over your resistance. Yes, if you have read this page the whole way so far, I know that you are in the place of making a decision. Here resistance comes up, because what we as people have most problem with is to commit, I mean truly commit to ourselves. I know, I’ve been there… AND I believe in you!

Take the leap you deserve for playing a bigger game that takes you to the next level. If you have questions. I understand. I’m here for you and willing to give you 15 minutes of my time. Here you can sign up for your free 15 minutes consultation.

What is the value of a program that will change your attitude, mindset and beliefs around money? What is the value of a program that will hold you in a structure and help you define your unique strengths related to money? What is the value of having your limited beliefs cleaned out and cleansed once and for all? Let me say this – to have this transformation happen is totally invaluable.

Imagine that you can get out next week and start take new actions as a result of the person you are becoming? And you do know that in order to create your money game, you have to learn your inner game. You have to be willing to transform on the inside in order to create what you wish to see happen on the outside. That is why I’m brining in the 30 Days for you in this Flirt With Money Group Coaching Program.

Most people don’t even dare to dream about what they want or who they want to become. If you know that your plant of seed is in there and yet you haven’t brought it forward, this program is for you. Trust, have faith and if all this resonates with you – follow your instinct and learn that your financial life purpose want’s something from you.  This is the gift of learning about the Sacred Money Archetype.

Your financial success starts with you being YOU! Fully YOU!

Flirt With Your Money Group Coaching Program includes 30 Days of Flirting for women OR if you are a Man I’ve designed a special program for you –  30 Days of Sexual Energy.

Your investment is $1,995 including VAT.