You are here because Melbe Sweet had invited you. I’m happy to be at your service and have created a VERY special package for you. It is unique because no other clients can get this package from me – for you to learn about your sacred money archetype – in only three sessions.

Money represents one of our basic subconscious fears. We know deep down inside exactly what we need to do, but these subconcious fears cause us to procrastinate and hesitate. When I first learned about the sacred financial archetype, I finally came to a solution about how to create my business within a whole new paradigm. I know that the same will be true for you. In the same way that knowledge and inner wisdom took me to a whole new level in my business, I know that you will experience the same feeling of inner satisfaction knowing that you are on your track and having clear actions for what to concentrate on next.

My offer to you is a package of 3 private sessions where you will:

  • Learn about Your Unique Money Archetype – it’s gifts and challenges
  • Find the inner truth around money and how it has impacted your life
  • Create clear action steps from your inner wisdom integrated by the archetype
  • Clear the unconcious fears you have around money that continually block you from progressing
  • Create clarity and strength in confidently knowing what you want and how to get there
  • Feel a release from energy-depleting frustrations and stress, thereby cultivating your inner power and focusing it towards bringing your business to a whole new level

This is how it works. After your payment, you will be directed to a website where you access the quiz. Complete the quiz and then follow the link to my calendar (confirmation letter vi email). Here you can schedule your first session with me.

Your investment for this package is $497



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