How often areĀ  you confused? I am a university professor, and I find that my students are often confused. I remind them that it’s part of the learning process. When you learn new material or try to understand new thoughts and ideas, it’s natural to feel confused. It just means that you are processing new learning.

You are grasping a new way of understanding how to handle a problem, how to see the world, how to see yourself, or how to relate to people. So, it is then natural to come to the conclusion that confusion is great for us. It means you are thriving, you are transforming into something new.

Last week, I was confused – very confused. It lasted for several hours where I was in the state of vulnerability and frustration. I had to sit with all these and feelings and emotions. The confusion was overwhelming to me even though I know that this is where I learn. But, it is outside the comfort zone. All you have to do is to be with it – not try to get rid of it, instead you need to be with it. Only then will you process it.

When I was in this state of confusion, I talked and cried with friends, I meditated, then I started to write about it. Suddenly I felt like I was back on the path of life direction again. I smiled about the fact that my confusion so easily could be replaced with focused intention, clarity, direction and clear goals from a whole new perspective. I was happy that I allowed myself to hang in there, to feel it and be with it, process it and enjoy it while it still was happening.

Confusion might be your greatest asset. Reflect beck on moments in your life where you felt really confused and then see how it has changed your life or way of being. To feel confused might be the leap between where you let an old thought go and transform it to something new.

That is really powerful!

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