vortex4After attending a seminar in Matrix Energetics – the science and art of transformation, I have this urge to elaborate on the difference between Theta Healing and professional coaching. Its now many years ago since I was trained as a Co-Active Coach and I think its fascinating today to experience how this original training have taken me further on my personal development. A few year ago my life changed dramatically when I discovered the power of Theta Healing. Both coaching and Theta Healing are highly valid methods for working with individuals that are engaged in self-doubts, disbeliefs; its very common that we as human beings have various form of fears that prevents us from living the life we truly want.

Coaching serves as a way to guide individuals to create an awareness of themselves, where clients via powerful questions learns what is preventing them from achieving what they want, they learn how to overcome obstacles, to set goals, create new routines etc. Coaching is a great methodology that serves for taking individuals from a re-active mode into a pro-active state of being. The way to reach the pro-active state and success is to develop the act of courage. When you have the couarge to take responsibility for yourself, who you are and the values you have, and when you know what your life goal and mission is, then you are in your personal leadership. I think it’s here where you get more interested into what it means to truly be a human being in the self-discovery.

Since a few year ago I’ve been using Theta Healing as a complementary methodology. I can choose to use it in situations when clients demonstrates various forms of fears. It usually comes in what we call the 3 Rs: resentments, regrets and rejections. All these fears and resistance is draining our energy. It prevents us from fully being in the flow of who we are and what we can become. While coaching works on the mind, I can see how Theta is working at your subconciousness and energy level. The transformation with Theta is fast and efficient. Fears that may take weeks to overcome in coaching can be released in minutes with Theta Healing. It’s all about accessing your subconcious mind. However, irrespective of the efficiency of this methodology, I’ve learned that not all clients are ready for the quick transformation that Theta Healing can offer. Also as human beings its natural to have judgments and prejudices. In order to be able to receive the energy downloads you need to be willing to accept and say yes. Since you have a free will, your consent is needed.

It’s also natural that some people are not ready for the rapid change that takes place. Many times it goes deep and that is for natural reasons vulnerable. Change as I’ve wrote in a previous blog post, can create more or less discomfort. While some might fear change others seems to deeply desire the  profound breakthrough they experiences as a result of Theta Healing. When I hear stories how the usage of Theta Healing have impacted clients in their life, I’m always amazed of the change it can create. And it is so much faster compared to coaching.

If we go to describe what Matrix is we can see it as a model to play with when individuals are ready to transform into a new state of being. In the philosophy of Matrix you are representing conciousness. What you see in your reality is patterns of information that appear in form of physical conditions. At some point, what you see in your life is what you have chosen. When you begin to create and  embrace a consciousness model that allows you to transcend the limitations of your physical reality, you can tap into the physics of miracles. Matrix can in that way help you transform in a whole new way as a human being. What you see of your outside is an reflection of your inside. I’m still learning how to integrate Matrix with Theta Healing and how to use it with coaching. For that reason I’ve been playing with specific downloads for clients in personalised videos. If you are interested to play with me, you can send me a e-mail with a few sentences on what you like to have changed. Matrix is based on the research from neuroscience and quantum physics. In this video one of the most fascinating test in quantum mechanics is described. Enjoy!




Picture: www.reconnections.net

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