I wrote this article for the Online Magazine Lean Toward Happy published in February 2014

“Money, money, money. Must be funny in a rich man’s world.” The popular song from ABBA, yes, I’m Swedish, and if you are not familiar with this song, I suggest that you check out the lyrics.
This music popping up in my head when thinking of money is reminding me what it means to grow up and how we are unconsciously creating a belief system around what it means to make money. Our perception of how we think about money starts early in our childhood.
For me, my childhood experience could be easily summarized: Money is not for me, it’s for others. In particular men. It’s an asset for a woman to have a man, in particular if he is rich. Let’s just hope that he would be nice, because what we learned from Walt Disney’s World is that money creates the greedy and evil.
Not surprisingly, being brought up as a proud representative of the Swedish welfare state based on the notion of equality in the social democratic state. As such my parents were the ideal representatives of the working class. Every year on Labor Day we demonstrated for labor rights. My mother retired in her 30’s, due to a severe pain caused by the monotonous office work she had. My father was a truck driver and the President of the Union. For natural reasons, everything related to money was, for me, combined with the idea of what it meant to work hard and have pain. There was no contact whatsoever with people who had a business or who, in other ways, were self-employed bringing in their own income. People that had success with money were alien to me.
What was your attitude towards money as a child? Is money for you? Do you deserve to earn money? Do you have the money you want?
The sad truth is, I had no idea how this upbringing impacted my life until it came to the day when I committed to the idea that I was going to create a self-sustainable business. Self-sustainable in the sense that I can financially support myself and employ others, building a team around me that complements what I do. A team that would make my life easier, taking care of all the particulars that need to be handled in the business I wanted to create.
It’s hard to believe that it came to a point where I had to realize that my lack of progress could be tracked back to the early experiences from my childhood. Experiences that had, in fact, been stopping me from getting what I wanted. One part of this can be traced down to what it means to be in resistance to fully owning your power. Another is clarity and direction with purpose and passion.
How you are with money is how you are with everything in your life. From an energetic point of view, the second chakra in your body is holding the tensions of how you are being in relationship to your sexuality and money. It is all tied together in the sense that your ability to enjoy and live your sexuality is an expression of your own self-love and self-worth. Here is where you find the root of your shadows and taboos that are related to issues of sexuality, money and relationships. And it’s so important to be clear about what you want. If you have no visions for what you want, if you don’t know what motivates you to make money, then you are not going to take yourself into the constant development needed to heal your unconscious trauma and pattern of beliefs that are connected with your second chakra.
When your purpose is clear, you can direct your life force energy towards what you would desire to see happening throughout the world. In that sense, money is not something that exists as an item exclusively of the rich. It is also a way you, as a woman, have the capacity to generate and manifest an expression of who you are as a vibrant orgasmic being.

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