Do you belong to those who…

  • struggle with not having enough money
  • work hard for earning money
  • have a problem to ask for what you are worth
  • struggling with finding paying clients
  • in some way never seems to have enough of money

The list can be longer… I think you got my point. You know it’s time for you to create a break through. Come and find out why you are not making as much money as you want…

I know your struggles – I’m here to help you. I can do it because I’ve been in the same situation myself. I used to not make enough income, the reason for this, I was not in my power with money. Since I’ve learned about my Sacred Money Archetype I’ve learned how it is truly supporting me in being with my inner power. I know how to use my inner gifts but can also pay attention to my money challenges AND the best of it all – I know my financial life purpose.

I will be giving this MoneyPlayShop that will serve as a starting point for you to create a whole new game with money… and in fact the play starts already the evening before in a 1,5 hour FREE meet up where you learn to Step into Abundance!

Come and explore what it means to create a whole new game around how to be with money.

Places & Locations

Observe that the FREE meet up takes place the evening before 6.30-8.00PM:

Ireland/Yoga Tree in Wicklow  – June

Denver/The Gypsy House – June

Boulder /eventplace to be announced – Saturday August 3

About the MoneyPlayshopDay

During this day we turn inside out of the Money Archetype and you will leave relieved, enlighted and processed in the subconcious fears that has prevented you so far from reaching where you want to be. We start at 10AM, take a lunch around 12.30 and finish at 5PM.

You will learn

  • Your Sacred Money Archetype, it’s gift and challenges
  • What is stopping you from achieving what you want
  • How it feels to have a great relationship  with money
  • The best action you can take in in your life that is truly aligned with your archetype

You will leave with the relief and relaxations that subconscious blocks has been processed.  You will have a clear action plan what’s the next step is for you and moreover you will be empowered in the inner knowing of your financial life purpose.

Sign up today. Your investment is $249. State on your payment registration in what city you are participating.