Are you ready to make a personal transformation?

A friend of mine seems to be in a rabbit hole. He suffers, he is afraid, he doesn’t know what’s next. I told him, “right now you are in the process of personal transformation.” It might not sound like what you want to hear when you are there, but the fact is, when you embrace this space you will find that you are on a quest to discover something new. It’s the way to live your life in the honest truth of searching for something new. Searching for a true and honest part of yourself – of who you are and what you want to do. Joseph Cambell describes this process in his book The Hero’s Journey.

Taking the First Step to Personal Transformation

Our first resistance is to listening to the call, to be willing to hear it. Most people put it on a waiting list or on hold as we are afraid of who we will become if we step into this new existence of being: essentially we are afraid of personal transformation. If I’m taking on that Goddess energy what will I then create? Who will I then become? It’s when you give yourself the permission to really listen that you can start hearing what that voice deep inside of you really wants. There is where you find your desire and your true personal transformation.


The next step is saying the first farewell. It means that you start to acknowledge you are starting the process of personal transformation. You will also increasingly notice how you begin feel like a stranger in this place that used to be familiar. It might be mentally exiting out from one working situation in order to be able to make the personal transition into to something else. When you realize that it’s time to leave, you will start to release new energy that can be focused on something new. It’s the process that prepares you for breaking yourself free into something new.

The third step is entering the void. Basically, it means leaving throwing yourself out in the trapeze. Not knowing what’s next but having trust in the process of personal transformation. I remember how I did this when I made the decision to challenge myself financially and bought an apartment that even my bank contact was considered about. But I wanted it, it was my dream. Even though it was expensive, I decided that this must happen. It was the next step for me and it was the break through needed for learning financial intelligence and how to be more focused in my business. It prepared me and taught me what it means to run a business while I still being employed. When you enter this place, you learn to trust that it’s okay that you don’t know what’s going to happen next.  This is the beauty of personal transformation.

Fear Inventory

But this is also the place where you can enlarge the lens. It’s the awareness that experiencing a slow personal transformation is okay and often great. Get in touch with your sensations, feel them, journal, dig in the fear and be with it, embrace it instead of suppressing it. Then, when you have done your fear inventory, start to be conscious of your thoughts. Get support when you need it. This is the place where we get into the real personal transformation.

In order to give birth to something new, you need to let go of something old. This is where you do the work. It might be messy, painful and yet it’s the part of what Cambell calls the revelation process. Another name is the pit, the rabbit hole. Here is where you are challenged by your subconscious mind and thought. And as the picture is describing, just remember there is a way out of here. When you are ready there is something waiting for you on the other side of this personal transformation.

So be kind to yourself, be grateful for what you have. I Once told a friend of minem when he was in this place, that he needed to find a way to be able “to rest on the nest”. It can feel really messy here – just know that this is part of the process of personal transformation.  Ask for the help you need. Find a mentor, a coach. This is an excellent place to start to start work with someone that can support you through this process.

On the other side, when you are done you are returning back with a new clarity, a new way of seeing the world. The old you does not exist any longer. There is a newer version of you. And you are now ready to step forward, be courageous and embrace the person that you are. From now, on the old is gone and the new has been embraced. You have become something else, deeper in touch with who you are and what you are up to.

If you are ready to learn more about the theory behind personal transformation as illustrated in the Hero’s Journey, a story that often is used in films as a topics (for instance Star Wars) there is more to learn here.

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