integral worldviewHow does social change begin? In coaching we work with individuals, relationships or systems. With systems we think of relationships who are inter-connected, for instance in companies, organizations or institutions. From system theory we learn that one system impact another system. That means, when change happens in one system, that is going to impact related systems. Thus, from a system perspective, we learn that we are all interconnected regardless of if we want it or not.

Individual Coaching

In coaching, when we work with the individual, we coach the individual person: the “I”. If you work with a coach you will create consciousness about the beliefs and values you have and how they impact your business and life. You will learn how certain belief systems are not serving you.

When you start to know your values, you will find out what are your priorities. Who knows, you might be spending time on something that does not serve you. As a result of the coaching, you will become  happier and more satisfied as a person. You will begin to live and lead your life as you want rather than as it is supposed to be according to traditions or societal norms. And, as you change and grow you will begin to affect those around you and cause social change as well.

Relationship Coaching

When I work with relationships, I coach the couple, the partnership.  I look at the feeling of unity between them and the essence of who these individuals are together. When they learn to see their norms and traditions and the way they speak with each other, they will experience that more is possible.

As a result of a new way of being with each other, the relationship will evolve. When you can learn to speak and act from your heart , you have moved beyond the egocentric worldview. According to Integral Theory we move beyond the egocentric (awareness to your self) into the sociocentric (awareness to your social group –  might be family or nation) to the worldcentric (global perspective, everyone) world view.

Social Change

In order to create social change we need to create new awareness. Development research shows that this awareness can be grown out from the egocentric. When people grow, they start acting in new ways, as a result they will start influencing their circle of impact.  Their circle of impact may be their family, friends, relationships and work place. When relationships learn how to evolve and consciously thrive, a foundation for a new kind of organization is created and social change can begin.

Today we can discern new kinds of organizations. Organizations that strive for developing worldcentric worldview. Organizations where heart matters and where relationships dare to be courageous, honest and intimate. These organizations have capacity for creating social change on a whole new level. They inspire and build hope that a new world in peace and open minded acceptance is possible. An example of a person who represents this phenomenon is John Garret with his Wayseer Manifesto.


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