A Five Week Coaching Program – Explore Your edge.

During this five week of interactive coaching program we will teach you how to understand the power of your mind and how you can learn to let go of negative belief systems and patterns of behaviors that are identified and processed on a cellular level. The course gives you an understanding of the theory behind the components of what is needed for a changed behavior. It also gives you an opportunity to process your limitations. Supported by an online coaching follow up system, you will get a structure for your home work and an opportunity for personal feedback. This powerful program gives you the base needed for taking a quantum leap further of progress in your life.

Week 1: Discovery – We identify where you are

Week 2: Visions – We identify where you are heading

Week 3: Identify Blocks – We identify what is stopping you

Week 4: Processing  – When limiting beliefs are identified they are processed also on a cellular level with Theta technique, a methodology similar to hypnosis.

Week 5: Building Your Courage Muscle – Step into the action game and learn how to play with ease and joy instead of stress and frustration

This is no new rocket science, what is new is the way Maria reveals your obstacles and the way she is processing them. Be sure you are on our contact list for more information.

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