Today I’ve listened to Caleb Scoville in a tele-interview with Erin Blaskie on the topic “Leverage your knowledge for profit”.  One of the things that got my attention is idea that when we come to point of our lives when we are bored with what we are doing, the topic we teach or the subject that was our passion, that means we have are becoming an expert. So, when people reach this point they usually move on. I have done this many times myself.  Instead we should get our focus and attention on how we can change and leverage our knowledge to create a strategy for success. This is what I’m learning right now in my life, in the sense of combining all the knowledge I have into more specific products. Products that can have a life also online.

While a lot of people work off line, there is actually a reason to also create a visibility online where you can start to leverage your business. But what is needed is to re-purpose your business as a strategy for creating success in a new way. Today we have a choice to also do online marketing. You can speak more and talk more about your topic, reaching more people. However, when it comes to your off line business, there is always a limitation how much you can do with this model.

As Caleb pointed out, the goal is not to be perfect but to take systematic action in your business. If you just give a speech, this speech is working for you in only one hour. But if you create a strategy, then this speech can continue working for you over and over again.

As creative people we never get fully out there with the information, we want to be in the creative process and producing the content instead of marketing our ideas. Therefore, its important to find the people that can help you to package your knowledge into concrete products that can be monetized. When you learn that you need to re-purpose as a strategy, you also have to learn the importance of working with a team that can help you leverage your knowledge to the next level. Trying to do this all by yourself is going to have you become overwhelmed.

For myself my re-purpose started when I decided to create a self-sustainable business. Today I work with a VA team that not only made my life manageable, it’s also a necessity for me to grow and progress in my business.

How do we re-purpose? The advice here is to start with what’s natural for you to do.

What are you doing well and what are you doing naturally?

For instance, if you are a speaker, create an online event and make your speech public so you have content that can be used over and over again. For myself, I’ve learned that my natural way of working with people is when I can create live trans-formative events with a whole audience of people. So right now, I’m creating group coaching programs that will gather people online to conveniently participate from their home.

I know that a lot of people have a hard time finding their purpose in life.  Many lacks energy and focus and struggle in their business as well in other areas of their life.  They lack personal leadership and are unable to clearly communicate their desires. They do not have the tools to create intimate and long lasting relationships. Because, they don’t know that relationships have to start with truly knowing themselves as well as their values and desires. Most of them would never even think about finding their way to a professional coach. So in order to reach out, there is a need for new strategies. I think online coaching has a strong future.

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