“Having worked with Maria firstly in the Money Archetype Coaching, I found a woman who put all of herself into these sessions. I personally found her openness allowed me to dig deep into my psyche where my judgement on my sexual self had blocked my “mo-jo” and gave up on myself in relationship to myself in all areas not just the financial, having cleared those traps, I still work with Maria because its free to play in all areas of restriction that I haven’t felt able to with other healers! I find her a joy of freedom to restriction! And I have 20+ years of experience in these fields of conciousness. “

~ John Hyslop

“I have hired Maria as team coach and lecturer. Maria is intense.  She doesn’t hesitate to take clients and groups to the next level with various methods and tools depending on what the needs are. Maria is very competent, challenging and powerful. I recommend Maria warmly for powerful, big steps for individual or group development.”

~ Anna Åberg

“I have worked as a news journalist and a freelance journalist for 30 years. I have never seen anyone create change as quickly as Maria has in people who are not used to be coached on a deeper level. Maria is both Natures Force and gentle and sincere. She adapts quickly to the level of the client.  There is no doubt that the people who will get the best results with Maria are the courageous ones. She is truly one of the great people in the world.”

~ Erika Mikaelsson

Maria Appelqvist is an incredibly powerful and challenging person.  She sees the best in all people and this makes her an ideal guide, teacher, coach and mentor.  I have worked alongside Maria and during this time, I have learned with her, I have been coached by her, and have benefit from her skills, beauty, and playfulness.  Maria is an inspiration with a vision of a better planet. As I have watched her move forward on her path with clear belief and dedication, I am ever more impressed.  Her varied background and dedication to those around her is her gift to us all. She will hold you and help you firmly or provide space and care for you and your desires.  Her ability to meet you on your own level and help reach something more is amazing!  By working with Maria you will be given a great opportunity to evolve and change into who you know you are.  Choose to work with Maria and you won’t be disappointed just challenged, cared for and loved.”

~ Melbe Sweet
Los Angeles CA

“I participated in one of her life-transforming events. Healing work with Maria is intense! She has helped me to name my saboteurs and lead them into helping me with my new life.”

~ Steve Schaumberg

“Maria Appelqvist is an explorer. She literally travels to the edges of humanity and brings back new information and expansion for her community. I loved watching her did that with life coaching and now with sexuality and success.

Maria is wise beyond her time. Her courage to lead and be the front person to invite her community to follow and expand is admirable and inspiring. She is also an excellent loving coach. Who can break into the deep spiritual well being of her clients and help them bring forth their truth and wisdom. I am a life long fan.”

~ Mai Vu