Who are you?

What do you represent?

What are your values?

What to you want to achieve?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

What would prevent you from reaching that goal?

What do you feel by reading these questions? Do you feel uplifted or does it make you feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed? If you do not feel uplifted, then it means the questions are taking you outside your comfort zone. If so, congratulations – you are exactly where you need to be in order to learn something new about yourself. It’s when you are beyond your comfort where your personal growth and progress are possible.

Usually we don’t even think how much we strive for the ordinary instead of the extra-ordinary. The reason for that is, as human beings we naturally look for what’s comfortable, for routines that gives us clear structure and order. While we need to have access to such energy of control there is still something very valuable to be found in the territory of the unknown. So my advice to you is to do something courageous for yourself every day. That will help you to be more comfortable with what you don’t know.

What is considered a courageous act for one person might not be that for another person. When I’m saying courageous act I mean doing something you are not used to, because it has a value to you. For instance, talking to strangers in the street can feel uncomfortable for one person and by consciously doing it, you cultivate your social skills and at the same time you build your courage muscle.

Yes, I do think that courage is a muscle that we have to learn how to build. So I challenge you to start out and explore the size of your muscle; is it big or small, how far does it go and what territories of your life are still unexplored?

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