I just came back from my friend and healer Carina Halvardsson. Yes, even though she is a massage therapist, her holistic way of approaching her clients is an act of profound healing. She combines her massage with coaching and get her clients to heal themselves by creating an awareness from the inside and out. Her motto – “in order to release your pain you need to learn to know your physical body.” 

Before I started my own personal journey, it was not clear for me that you need to take care of yourself in the sense of giving  attention to your physical body beyond physical exercises.  (Note: I’m not talking about jogging, gym, workout etc since these exercises usually need your mind to achieve certain physical goals).  When I speak about attention and acknowledging all of the sensations. I think my own curiosity about the sensations was ultimately what led me to the practice of orgasmic meditation.  I had an urge to go deeper. It was the knowledge from the deepest core of my body that spoke. But, I’m not even sure if I would have been ready to explore and go into the research of my own orgasm if it weren’t for Carina. During these past three years I’ve been working with her in the exploration of finding more subtle tensions in my body.

Its been such a journey, just like peeling an onion. Last time I saw Carina I was very well aware that I had discovered new tensions. It’s as if when one layer of tensions disappear another will show up. I knew I had something under my left shoulder. She explained to me that we store a lot of things underneath. But for long time, this tension had not been ready to let go, not until this week. I knew it because it had moved out and was touchable. So I called her: “I need a time the spot is ready to release.” Through touch and deep exploration of different angles we got it to release; the subconscious grief and pain that had been stored in my body for so many years could let go.

Writing this I just feel like a new woman, because what we got in touch with was the pain that was combined with what it means to step out into the full feminine energy: vulnerability, total trust, total surrender – a pure feminine energy. Something we as small girls during our childhood learn to control, learn to store, learn to not be in touch with due to the disappointments we experience in life. With Carina I’ve had the privilege to be able to explore all this. It’s such a gift. And as I’m writing this, I’m wondering how many people in our society are really taking care of themselves on this very deep level? How would our society look if people would give themselves this kind of treatment as a gift and not something they only do when their body has collapsed. Usually we seek treatment first when we have a problem that equals pain.

I know that it might look like luxury treatment to give to yourself. But ultimately it is a question of how you  would rate your self-love. Where are you on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being excellent?

People that love themselves will treat themselves and give priority to themselves. They can put border lines for what does not serve them and say “No” to situations, people and circumstances in life where they know their energy would be drained. In fact, loving yourself is a necessity not only for your health but also for how you can create success in other areas of your life.

In my Sex & Success tele-series that starts this week, we are going to explore this as our very first topic. Laura Fenamore from OnePinky is going to speak about food addiction and it’s relation to sexuality. I am sure that this discussion will end up with the importance of loving yourself. I hope that you are able to join us. You can sign up here for the free tele-class on Wednesday.

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