My job is to transform peoples lives and I like when the changes comes fast. In fact, I don’t see the point in spending months on something that can take just a few occasions. I guess that is what took me to Theta Healing. It was not only that it changed my own life, I’ve also noticed how it changed my clients lives as well.  And, what even surprised me more was, how the whole process of change became so much faster with Theta Healing.

So let me explain quantum physics and what Theta Healing means, according to its founder Vianna Stibal.

Theta Brainwave

Vianna Stibal discovered, as she was doing her healing sessions with her clients, that the state they were entering was much different than the state their were in while awake.  She became awake of what it took to reach this state and began to teach this to others.  Originally it was referred to as the “Orian Technique” but was later called “ThetaHealing.”  The name “ThetaHealing” is based on the idea that, during this process, the person is entering the theta brainwave state and can facilitate healing.

Brainwave Frequencies

In the simplest form, our brainwave frequencies control everything that we, as humans, say and do. And, although all of our frequencies are accessible at all times, there is always one that is in control at the moment – and there are also different levels of control they have.

The five brainwave frequencies are, beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma. Most people are in the beta state the majority of the time.  Alpha is a meditative state where people become very relaxed.  Theta is the deep state of relaxation that happens right before you fall asleep.  Here you access your creativity, find intense focus and can feel connected with all things.  Delta is the brainwave state you are in while asleep. Gamma is the highest state where you have a higher mental awareness and perception.

Theta Healing

Theta is the state most often used for hypnosis.  The practitioner connects with the individuals source energy in this state.  During Theta Healing, the practitioner will switch often between all states except Delta.  They begin by speaking with their client in the Beta state.  Then they move toward the alpha state and into the Thete where the healing begins.

When Theta healing happens, Vianna Stibal believes that the practitioner should actually be in a theta-gamma state.  This causes instant healing.  The best way to understand this state is to consider those who have found themselves in an emergency and yet they are calm and collected and respond in this way to the situation around them.  There are no limits in this state.

If you would like to discuss the idea of theta-healing further, feel free to comment or contact me here.

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