I have found more success when I combine coaching with the methodology of Theta Healing™.  It is a powerful complementary methodology that can create a fast and efficient shift in consciousness. While a professional coach needs some time to process the client’s perspective of fear, a Theta Healer digs deep immediately.  They quickly identify the negative energy and transform it into peace, ease, joy and delight.

Frankly speaking, after all my years of professional coaching training, one part of me could never ever believe that I was going to step into the field of healing. Still I find myself here working in this area mostly because I’ve experienced the results over and over again. People come back to me weeks after their session and tell me how it created the necessary break through that was needed. I’m still amazed and surprised about the power that exists in the combination of these two methodologies.

When I meet clients that have belief system that does not serve them, I inform them of this and ask them if they really want to keep it.  My clients then have the choice to let go. With their consent, we can dig really, really deep and realize subconscious wounds that still impact their daily life. This is the difference between coaching and theta. While a coach works in the present and in the future, theta gives the opportunity to go extremely deep in the creation of a hypnotic similar stage. From this place, profound fears and negative belief systems can be transformed into something else that is necessary for the break-through.

As I’m writing this I am noticing that what happens in Theta Healing is purely the usage of right brain skills. It’s something my left brain logically can’t explain. What I do know is that lately I’ve become so interested in what happens in our brain, or rather what is not happening in our brain – of what it means to let go of your brain. Either my clients like the idea or they don’t. If they don’t like it, fine. Then we do some intellectual coaching and I meet them where they need to be met and get them the material they want.

If you are ready for some true transformation, then let’s move on and create some magic. Everybody has the capacity to open up for magic to happen and moreover be able to create it in their own life.

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