It’s the constant development of yourself, expanding yourself to the next level of where you want to be in your life, in your relationship with yourself, with our friends and colleges, with your partner; where you want to be in your business, at work, in your sex life, or when it comes to your lifestyle. Irrespective of what area you choose, to live beyond the edge means you constantly explore yourcomfort zone.

So what is a comfort zone? See it as the way you routinely live your life. You might not even think about it, but somehow it feels boring, dull, you experience unhappiness, lack of creativity and energy. Intuitively you know there is something more to come, yet you don’t know what. So you prefer to stay within comfort. You hang out with the same friends, even though they might take your energy, you eat the same kind of food, even though you might be curious to choose something else, but for some reason you know what you have and you think that you are happy with it. I say think, because a lot of people are not in touch with the flourish life energy that is available in their own life. And thisis my specialty, to take you beyond the edge to what you thought was possible. To get you in touch with the essence of who you are and what you represent as a human being, then you naturally will know how to achieve it.

This is something I do and I use a combination of techniques as working tools; professional coaching is combined with the usage of quantum physical energy in transformative holistic workshops. You can sign up for my newsletter with link to my weekly podcast that is going to bring more thrills into your life, that is if you are willing to accept and say YES to the energy down loads that are available to you.

I hope to inspire you. In such case I look forward to interact with you. Feel free to send me our thoughts and reflections or ask me questions and I will try to respond to that either in a blog or as an energy down in a podcast.

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