Did you know that it takes 21 days to change a behavior? In order to create new habits in your life, you need to do this new behavior for 21 days. It seems like I, during this past week, have been bumping into people that all had decided their 21 days challenge goals. A few of them had been to a Tony Robbins event in London. When going to events where opportunities for transformation happen, it becomes natural to create new life goals for yourself.

I was volunteering one day in the Swedish version of a motivational speech in the Lange Show. Per Lange is currently the most sought after Swedish speaker on sales. It was a true inspiration to hear his life story where he shared his personal experiences and how challenges can serve as a motivational trigger.  Successful people don’t give up, they try to find new perspectives, new solutions. What again was confirmed in my life and what I take away from the day is that – Everything is Possible!

Today after spending a day with my friend Maria Shanti who told me that she signed up for a Vipassana retreat, I once again felt inspired. Vipassana for me represents structure and order, that can be experienced as a physical torture. And, of course, we all like comfort.  But then I was thinking, why not? Maybe this is exactly what I need? To spend 10 days of silence and just going inside in the new meeting of my inner self. What a gift, I thought. So now I’ve decided that if I’m not able to make it to United States this summer, then at least I’m going to be on a Vipassana retreat.

My 21 Days Challenge

It’s such a turn on and excitement to make decisions, right? And moreover, it is further articulated here; I’m going to start the preparation already now today – 21 days challenge of no wheat, white rice, sugar , coffe or alcohol.  Here I’m coming. We start June 1st and end on the 21st.

What is your 21 days challenge?

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