I had this very interesting interview with Michaela in the Blogtalkradioshow Sex, Money & Leadership Talk Show. Unfortunately, there were technical problems. Even though I might not be capable of fully capturing the essence of her beautiful teaching that occurred during these technical difficulties, I have still decided to write this blog post as a way of capturing some of the most important highlights of her teachings.

Michaela has been studying with David Deida since 1997. For ten years she has been co-teaching with him and has focused on women’s empowerment in the 21st Century. She has been a counselor to the stars in Hollywood, California and has worked with the world’s best-known celebrities, including actors, producers, writers, musicians, and international business founders. Recently, Michaela began making her teachings available in Europe. Learn more about Michaela by clicking HERE

There are multiple ways to open your consciousness to the area of sexuality. In the moment that you start exploring your sexuality and you begin to explore and dive into expanding your sexual being, it’s like a piece of Art. There are many different entry points into sexual exploration, say Michaela. Sexuality consciousness can be accessed from the light and soft loving way to the explorations of meditative practices or diving in to the darker realms in the explorations of your shadows. It’s just different entry points, says Michaela. They are all lovely and complement each other and individuals have to find their own way. “You know there is such a difference today compared to when I started with this”, says Michaela. “Today there are a lot of things that are available and individuals got to find their own way.”

Basically, the masculine and feminine is all about learning how to cultivate the many expressions of who you are. “By this I mean that we can have women that have a masculine essence in the same way that we can have men who have a feminine essence.” The journey of sexual explorations is basically finding out who you are, and in the experience of finding out more about you, you will also find where you are more comfortable and naturally in this polarity. “The masculine is all about emptiness and the feminine is all about fullness. Fullness with life, open in flow, chaotic and close to nature. While the masculine likes to empty through sports, exhaustion, meditation, etc. It’s all about finding where you are naturally at home”, says Michaela.

wild woman

How can we then understand the Wild Woman’s Way? This concept is a major part of Michaela’s teaching. “When it comes to intimacy, love, and connection we have to find where we have our contractions. There is where we have the biggest openings”, continues Michaela. “There is so many expressions of the feminine and we have got to find the specific texture of flavor of who we are and represent and learn how to cultivate that. For instance, the feminine can be humor and laughter, fierce, playful, soft and much more. The wild woman is an archetype in connection with nature, it’s about feeling who we really are in our bodies. Because the female is body. You open up by finding the contractions in you.”

I ask Michaela if there is a difference between countries in the Western part of the world and how the role of gender is seen. That is how we perceive ourselves as men and women and if there is a variation between countries. Like myself, living in a gender neutral country where there are strong norms and values around equality, that will have consequences for the balance in a relationship and how it becomes sexually satisfying. That is to find in exploring the polarity between men and women.

Michaela says that even though gender equality will have consequences for relationships, it’s still so that the feminine will have experience of suffering. When I teach in Denmark, I hear the Scandinavian women say “I’m spending so much time in the masculine it’s exhausting me. When I come home my man just sits on the sofa”. We must learn to understand the masculine and feminine and see that we have both. We need to find an integrated way to be able to hold both. “If we would just be in the feminine we wouldn’t get up from bed”, says Michaela.

How can we understand business in this way, and what does it mean to do business in a feminine way – is my question. “Oh, you have to do business the masculine way” continue Michaela. “If you don’t have that, you don’t have the goal setting, planning, organizing, determination, integrity that comes with follow through and being responsible. For the feminine, setting goals is painful. We need to be mindful of our habits and see how they direct us in certain ways.”

Finally I just have to ask since the name of this Blogtalkradioshow is Sex, Money & Leadership, I like to hear your opinion – how do you see the correlation? Oh, says Michaela this is very natural since sex and money are the same energy, it requires a giver and a receiver. It’s how you are being available, if you are open or contract. If you are open to the flow that is fullness with life it needs to flow, you can’t tie it. Although you can direct it and this is power. Power is the ability to direct the flow and this is how we understand leadership.

Picture Gratidue: Wild Woman Sisterhood – https://www.facebook.com/WildWomanSisterhood

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